In The Studio

Why Jewelry Making?

A few decades in, I went ahead and figured out my why today.

I am constantly walking the line of loving\hating this world. 

Love – beauty, diversity\discovering endless good surprises (think deep sea creatures) 

Hate – wasteful distractions, harshness, discovering endless bad surprises (think child trafficking rings)

I’ve often said I am a natural-born cheerleader. I love to root people along. No doubt this is just one of the easiest ways for me to get some oxytocin. 

So that’s where my why comes from.

Why do I make jewelry? 

The making is an awesome way for me to explore the world’s materials and express myself.

The jewelry gives me a double hit by encouraging the wearer to joyfully express themself.

Why do I teach jewelry-making?

Each session is a little party of exploring and celebrating the beauty of this world through thoughtful creation and self-expression.

We heart playing with hammers

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