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5 Things to do When Not Surfing in Taghazout

Surfing is (deservedly) the #1 reason to visit Taghazout and Tamraght, Morocco. The swell is generous year-round, and there are dozens of lovely accommodations, including hostels, surf camps, and luxury hotels to meet your preferences. There are also loads of eateries to enjoy tagines, seafood, vegan, or other tastes. 

So, after riding the waves and refueling, what’s left to do in this sun-shiny region just north of Agadir? 

5 Chill

One of the best things about Morocco is the pace of life. Embrace it as much as possible while you are here. Our favorite local places to do this are

  • Any of the cafes on the beachfront in Taghazout. Have a cuppa and relax to true ocean sounds.
  • There are also two choice beach spots on Banana Beach in Aourir (Ayour Beach or Richie’s).
  • Get a proper taste of the countryside (bled) at the very special outdoor Berber lounges along the road inland at Alma (GC55+647, Alma). Bring a deck of cards to chill most effectively.
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

4 Hike (or Bike)

The argan and cactus-covered hills spilling down to Banana Village (Aourir) beckon to be explored. There are palm oases, fossil-filled riverbeds, and exceptional views to take in. The best way to enjoy your hike is with a local guide who can help you safely enjoy all the best spots in the area. We suggest

3 Treasure Hunt at Souk Day

A real treat for the thriftiest souls is souk day in Anza village, just ten minutes south of Taghazout and Tamraght. Resale vendors bring truckloads of quality used goods to sell at reasonable prices for just one day a week – Wednesdays. You will also find most Moroccan must-haves, such as fancy tea sets, fuzzy warm pajamas, comfy gondola house dresses, and lots of affordable street snacks. 

Take down your driver’s number to pick you up after shopping, as catching a ride home is usually more difficult.

2 Be Dazzled with Local Crafts

Artisan Souk Bab Taghzout in Aourir, Morocco

While there are several souvenir shops in Taghazout and Tamraght, the bustling little town of Aourir (Banana Village) has a hearty collection of shops. There are several pottery and basket shops with large assortments along the main road headed east.

The artisan souk Bab Taghzout (also in Aourir) has a little bit of everything, including jewelry, pottery, paintings, rugs, tea supplies, and other lovely artifacts and antiques. Full disclosure: this post is written by Brooke of Brookolie Jewelry in Bab Taghzout, and that brings me to my favorite suggestion for what to do when you aren’t suffering…

1 Handmake Your Own Jewelry or Souvenir

Using traditional methods and hand tools, you will be so pleased with the little treasure you make! In just two hours, under professional direction, you will create a pendant, earrings, keychain, bracelet, or other accessories to wear and use the same day.

Hand embossing metal at Brookolie Jewelry

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