Brooke Benoit

I'm a silver and wordsmith: smashing metal and fidgeting text.

Artisan adornment by Brooke Benoit


Our Story: short version

Brooke Benoit, owner-operator of Brookolie Jewelry, has long enjoyed creating her own jewelry and adornment as forms or self-expression. She also loves the beauty and diversity of our natural earth. Combining those values, all Brookolie items are created using the lightest carbon footprints possible, including professionally creating jewelry with nearly 100% recycled sterling silver, repurposed materials, refurbished vintage and discarded jewelry, and the latest technologies in green production practices.

Brookolie truly wants you to not only feel great about how our jewelry looks on you, but we also want our customers to feel good about our collaborative impact on the physical world.

Happy Brookolie Customers

Heirloom quality is always the goal at Brookolie.