In The Studio, Jewlery

Jewellery Design With Brooke Benoit featured on

“I was always into arts and crafts, spending all my chore money on little bits and bobs I could sew onto my clothes or make things with. I first sold decorated hair clips on the playground in elementary school. In my teens, I searched thrift stores for things to tinker with and make into a style I enjoyed.

A decade later, when I had my third son, I suddenly realised that I hadn’t bought myself any jewellery in some years. I went onto eBay and accidentally wound up in the ‘loose gemstones’ section. A beautiful string of blue chalcedony briolettes caught my eye and I wondered if I could make myself something really magnificent with them. I didn’t. Instead I began researching how to sell handmade jewellery on eBay. ”

Thanks so much to for sharing my story about shifting my jewelry-making from a hobby to a hustle. Please read the rest here.